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In response to COVID-19, YUR Drivers NEMT has instituted a touch less vehicle sanitizing process incorporating electrostatic spraying and disinfectant, called 1811 ElectroMist.™ The procedure utilizes the newest protocol currently in use by hospitals and medical professionals worldwide. The Protexus™ application equipment atomizes, then adds a negative static charge to disinfectant, in effect magnetizing it, so it wraps around and clings to every surface while exercised, thereby giving 360⁰ touch less coverage to your vehicles entire interior within seconds, regardless of where or which angle it is being physically sprayed. This includes difficult-to-reach areas like behind entire steering wheels, switches & buttons, knob crevices, shifters, switches the back of door handles and even inside A/C vents. Our method also causes the disinfectant to work and evaporate quickly, thereby creating a touchless application. It is environmentally friendly, uses 70% less chemical than other methods and causes ZERO cross contamination since it does not need to be wiped off after application.

Looking for quick reliable service. As a passenger you can feel safe. Be assured that all drivers will be safe, courteous and on time. Vehicles fitted with a barrier for safety. Each car is disinfected after every ride.

Serving the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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