• Instructions for setting up a back office with Medical Answering Service

  • Please proceed to the website below.

  • www.medanswering.com

  • Click login (upper right)

  • Once prompted to the next page there will be a blue login button. Below this button you will see a line that says, “Create an Account” Click it.

  • You will then be asked for your role.

  • There is a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate role.

  • Fill in required information and press submit.

  • After creating the account, you should be able to login to your back office where you can submit a 2015 form for any patient. When the patient has an appointment, you can also schedule a ride for that patient online as well as the patient calling to schedule their ride.

  • When scheduling a ride for a patient you will see a drop-down menu to pick a preferred Transportation Provider.


  • They have told us that they have a video with instructions for you and have stated it is simple.

  • You may also call Medical Answering Service 1-315-701-7400 and press #1.

  • There you will find help for your questions. They will also be able to send you the video with the procedures.


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